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Breadbar on 3rd Street Is Now Closed "For Renovations"

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The shutter? Temporary shutter? It's all very confusing. However, at the moment, Breadbar on 3rd Street is closed. According to a manager at the lone remaining Century City outpost (remember, Santa Monica closed last year), the 3rd Street cafe has shuttered "for renovations" but should reopen "sometime." When queried if the venue would reopen as the same concept, the manager replied, "it should, yes." And definitely same owners. Weird though. Breadbar's lease here is up and an insider says that the restaurant hasn't been profitable expect for its event series. This building is owned by next door neighbor and the currently under construction former Barefoot Cafe, unfortunately Breadbar struggled because Barefoot wouldn't let them apply for a license to sell liquor. Jack n' Jill's down the street has stolen business, too. Hm. Perhaps Jet Tila is taking this space? Tips welcome down below. [EaterWire]


8718 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048

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