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Swill Automatic, Tsujino Hana, Primi al Mercato Donzo

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1) Downtown: Swill Automatic, the one year old enomatic wine bar near Church & State, has shuttered. Per signage, the venue is "closed indefinitely, due to a recent determination by the LA Health Department that the ventilation in our tiny but efficient little kitchen is not compliant under existing guidelines...we're still in the process of exploring solutions and alternatives that will rectify the problem but are nevertheless regrettably forced to discontinue operations for the time being..." [EaterWire]

2) Marina dey Rey: Strip mall sushi spot Tsujino Hana has ceased operations as well. Yesterday, management was spotted removing articles from the restaurant, supposedly rent was pushed too high. Peering inside tables, chairs, sushi bar are all gonzo and the restaurant's phone number has been disconnected. [EaterWire]

3) Santa Monica: And while, sadly, it was only a matter of time before shops started closing in The Market at Santa Monica place, Feast says The Valentino Group's Primi al Mercato shuttered on Monday. However, the nearby pasta, cheese, and charcuterie shop remains. [Feast]

Swill Automatic

1820 Industrial St Los Angeles, CA 90021

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