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Milo & Olive Is SM's Newest (& Prettiest) Bakery, Pizzeria

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Elizabeth Daniels 11/11

If Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry got together and had a child, Milo & Olive would be its offspring. This modern rustic number - with its clean lines, light-filled dining space, and exposed beam ceiling - is the newest child for owners Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan, the twosome behind some of the westside's top farm-to-table haunts such as the aforementioned Rustic Canyon, Huck, and Sweet Rose Creamery.

And while the seasonal mantra carries forth at Milo & Olive, as does Rustic Canyon chef Evan Funke, the focus is on an assemblage of Nathan's baked goods (plus a few breakfast plates) in the early AM, meanwhile olive wood-fired artisan pizzas (check out the oven up above), and a slew of salads and small plates kick in for lunch and dinner (Milo & Olive will eventually serve from 11AM to 11PM).

Breakfast is super casual and includes coffee from Verve Roasters, in addition to some frittatas, quiches, and house-made bagel (poppy, sesame, plain) preparations (bagel with butter and radish is just one). For those intolerant to gluten, Nathan here is serving her first ever gluten-free muffin which is a rich chocolate-banana affair. You would never know it's missing the gluten.

About eight to 10 different pizzas will hit the menu at 11 AM, in addition to 12-15 small plates and salads, all of which roll out December 1.

While Loeb originally had estimated about 26 seats total in the cafe, he now thinks that once Milo & Olive is fully functional, there might only be 20 seats open. And because of this limited seating situation, take-out will be a big business and he plans to eventually offer curbside delivery.

Because of Milo & Olive's small size, this is truly an intimate affair in which the diner feels part of the kitchen action.
·Milo & Olive Pizzeria and Bakery Opens November 18 [~ELA~]