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Flanders Frites AND Local Express Take Chimu Space, Red Hill To Debut December 13

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Jason Michaud of Local in Silver Lake, the shuttered Chimu, and the forthcoming Red Hill, has launched not one but two new concepts in Chimu's Grand Central Market stall space. In addition to the previously mentioned Flanders Frites, he has also opened a spinoff of Local dubbed Local Express where a similar farm- to-table menu breakfast and lunch menu is offered from 8AM to 6PM daily.

As for Flanders Frites, Michaud says the space is still evolving and, "We're flying by the seats of our pants." In other news, Red Hill, Michaud's American diner, should commence service on December 13.
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[Photo: D.Solomon/LAW]

Red Hill

1325 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (213) 482-0886 Visit Website

Grand Central Market

317 S Broadway Los Angeles, California 90013