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SmithHouse's Chix Rice Bowl W/ Black Bean Garlic Sauce

Elizabeth Daniels 11/11

As the end of Chinese Food Week draws near, we share our second to last off-the-menu special which comes from newcomer SmithHouse in Century City. Consulting chef Angelo Sosa wasn't in town, so executive chef Philip DuBose jumped in with his take on the typical Chinese take-out dish: Chicken Rice Bowl with Black Bean Garlic Sauce.

Chef DuBose starts out by cooking the rice then setting it aside. He steams the Chinese broccoli, rehydrates the black beans, and 15 minutes later mixes the beans with mayonnaise. Chicken is grilled and sliced on the bias, then added to a bowl with the rice. Broccoli goes in next, and finally the black bean mayonnaise finishes the dish. SmithHouse serves this Chicken Rice Bowl with Black Bean Garlic Sauce for $13.99 during lunch and dinner.

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