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Luna Park Could Be Yours For $450,000

Luna Park is on the market. According to LoopNet, management - which also operates a second Luna Park in San Francisco, the two plus year old Henry's Hat in Studio City, and Joe Jack's Fish Shack in Puerto Vallarta (Mex) - is asking $450,000 for the 3,200 square foot La Brea restaurant. This price includes a liquor license and the buyer signs a new lease with the landlord. [EaterWire]

Update: AJ Gilbert, owner of Luna Park, states that his La Brea restaurant is not for sale and that LoopNet made a mistake. Apparently, the above was an old listing (despite the fact that it was last verified two days ago). He had considered moving Luna Park to another space on Melrose, at which point the LoopNet ad went up, but the deal fell through and the listing was never removed.

Luna Park

672 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles, California 90036