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For MVolt, There's Good ink. and Not So Good ink.

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Hard to believe how fast time flies: Michael Voltaggio's ink. debuted over two months ago. With all of the hype leading up to its opening in West Hollywood, the rumored and then confirmed secret sandwich spot, and the challenge of scoring a reservation (even for critics), this hotspot has remained buzzy as ever. But, now that the people have tasted, what do they think? Herein, another edition of Good News/Bad News where we take a look at comments from Yelpers, Chowhounders, Eater Commenters and even the occasional critic. Have your own thoughts? Share down below.

The Good Sea Bass News: "Sea bass with lemon, caper, brown butter, romanesco, anchovy. I am now obsessed with those little green fronds on top, sea beans. No other words but YES." [The Delicious]

The Scene News: "Ate there Saturday, excellent stuff. Will be a scene for sure." [Eater Comments]

Not Even SIV Can't Get a Table: "...when I click on the reservations page today, I now see the message: 'No reservations are currently available. Reservations are taken online up to 30 days in advance. As tables become available, they will be shown here.' Keep looking. Sigh... " [LAT]

The Hamachi News: "Hamachi tartar arrived in disk form, its rich, creamy, fatty relish pairing with the aged soy to invoke the essence of sushi or sashimi. Ginger provided overtones of piquancy, while the apple contributed a marked sweetness and juicy crispness to the fray, but was a touch overwhelming for me, dominating the yellowtail at times. " [kevinEats]

The Good Brussels Sprouts News: "Brussels Sprouts, Pig Ears, house cured Lardo, Apple: This was one of my favorite... The Brussels Sprouts were caramelized to perfection outside, with a nice tender center, topped with julienned crunchy pig ears and a nice tartness and sweetness from the apple." [CH]

The Best Dish in Any Restaurant: "The berkshire pork and lamb neck were two of the best dishes I've had at any restaurant in any city. " [CH]

The Wait For a Table News: "Went to Ink. on Saturday and had to wait 30 minutes for our table. The place was packed and people were still waiting for tables when we left around 10:15." [CH]

A Bit of Disappointing News: "The food was a bit disappointing. It definitely fell short of my expectations given that I made reservations weeks in advance." [Yelp]

The Really Disappointing News: "We were so excited to try Ink -- HUGE fan of Michael Voltaggio on Top Chef and really wanted to try his food. We ordered everything but the brussel sprouts and it was ok-good but not great. For the amount of money we paid for dinner and his reputation, I expected an amazing dining experience. Alas, we were disappointed and won't return." [Yelp]

Top Chef Fan News: "To sum things up, it felt like MV Ink was trying really hard to win a Top Chef challenge with each dish - but each dish had something not quite winning about it. I'm not sure if this proves that the food on the show looks better than it tastes, but it was certainly enough for me to tell Ink to pack their knives and go." [Yelp]

The Prompt Service News: "Service was on-point, prompt and friendly as well. Our server Elyse was great. She was super nice, exuberant and knowledgeable about the food." [Yelp]

The Word from J. Gold: "His dish of young turnips and radishes is clearly inspired by the gargouillou of Michel Bras... but his version is subtly different: The lightly cooked vegetables are planted in the coffee-cardamom soil, sure, there's the requisite jellied underlayer (flavored here with nasturtium) and heaps of frozen yogurt transformed into powder snow in a Pacojet, but the composition seems his own." [LAW]
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8360 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-651-5866


8360 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069