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Coney Dog's Chow Dog Roll

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Elizabeth Daniels 11/11

As Eater's first ever Chinese Food Week winds down, we bring you one last off-the-menu special Chinese creation from Coney Dog. How does a hot dog translate into a classic Chinese take-out dish? Owner Mike Binder was inspired by old time Cantonese restaurants he visited while growing up in Detroit. He says that the restaurants "served huge deep fried crisp sturdy egg rolls stuffed with noodles and egg and shrimp and just about anything...much thicker than the ones I found out here when I moved from Michigan." So, that's what he made. Noodles, cabbage, egg, hot dog, and soy sauce in deep-fried roll form, aka the Chow Dog Roll, for $5.95 a pop. And although this delight is available only until Sunday, Church & State, Tinga, Picca, and SmithHouse have their own off-the-menu additions though the end of next week.
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