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Scoops' Taro Tapioca and Red Bean Tapioca Ice Cream

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Scoops killed it during Burger Week with Bacon Jalapeño Cheddar ice cream, so naturally we asked the fantabulous ice cream scoopery, both the original location on Heliotrope and the newer Scoops Westside, to come up with some fun flavors for Chinese Food Week. The outcome? Taro Tapioca and Red Bean Tapioca ice cream. Matt Kang from Scoops Westside says that taro and red bean tapioca porridge are sometimes served as dessert at Chinese restaurants, so he decided to turn the porridge into an ice cream. Generally, the ice cream base would freeze the tapioca balls, but in this case the tapioca pearls slowly warm to a chewable consistency as you eat the ice cream. Taro Tapioca ice cream is available today and Red Bean Tapioca ice cream will be served tomorrow and both cost $2.50 per scoop.
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712 N Heliotrope Dr Los Angeles, CA 90029

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