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Bäco Mercat Soft Opened Today, Here Is The Menu

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Today, between the hours of noon and 2PM, chef Josef Centeno (Lazy Ox Canteen) soft opened his hotly anticipated Bäco Mercat, a new rustic industrial chic eatery downtown that features his esteemed creation, the bäco (sandwich + taco + pizza). As one can see from the shots up above, the restaurant was PACKED by 1PM. Only counter service from a limited bäco menu was offered today, but diners piled in like sardines and grabbed any open seats.
This afternoon's menu included only a short list of sandwiches and salads, but also previewed the bäco line of "sodas" plus some larder goods like bäco-brand vinegar and olive oil. According to staff, an official opening date is still tbd.
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