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Gingergrass Adds Bia Hoi Beer Hall and New Bakery

This right here is Gingergrass' newest addition: a "bia hoi" beer lounge and soon to launch bakery concept. "Bia hoi" or "fresh beer" is beer that is lower in alcohol content (3.8%), popular at cafes in Vietnam. Gingergrass owner John Himelstein approached Eagle Rock Brewery about creating this special brew specifically for him, and the brewery obliged. As of November 1, Gingergrass' lighter beer lounge was born, also serving bar snacks like pork shoulder banh bao, conch and green mango salad, and garlic-ginger peanuts dusted with kafir-lime salt.

So, the idea here is to utilize this next door lounge as a small bakery and cafe by day - selling sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and other Vietnamese deli items - and transform the space into the aforementioned beer lounge by night. However, the bakery part isn't yet open, though Himelstein plans to launch on New Year's Day. All pastries, such as Saigon Cinnamon Rolls and Vietnamese Coffee Cake, will be made in house. Of course there, too, will be grab and go banh mi. [EaterWire]