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Casa Azul Cantina Opens Next Month with More Mexican

Elizabeth Daniels 11/11

Casa Azul Cantina is still a good month away from its inception in Westwood's former Tengu home, but nonetheless, the restaurant's design is pretty much complete. Vicente Del Rio, creator of Frida Mexican Cuisine and Frida Tacos, is behind this project, and here at Casa Azul he wanted to create a more authentically Mexican but still upscale dining experience. Between Frida and Frida Tacos, Del Rio felt as though he was missing a link to a truly cultural dining experience. "Foods are different in Mexico," he says, continuing on to explain that the menu here features older Mexican recipes.

Plates will be priced roughly between $10 and $20, and up above one can see the fully finished bar which will serve tequila and "tequila's little sister, mezcal." Expect a specialty cocktail list featuring these two spirits in fresh fruit creations.

Casa Azul's bright and colorful interior was designed by José Antonio Gonzalez of Jagp Studio, who also conceived the aesthetic at many of Del Rio's other eateries. As it now stands, the restaurant should open in December and will offer lunch and dinner daily from 11AM to 10PM Sunday through Thursday and 11AM to 11PM Friday and Saturday.
·Casa Azul Cantina Replaces Tengu in Westwood [~ELA~]

Casa Azul Cantina

10853 Lindbrook Drive, Westwood, CA (310) 209-0666