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Fraiche Mgmt Says No Shutter, Expanded Bar To Come

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There's no denying that Fraiche has dropped off the map from its Frank Bruni Best New Resto days to Ben Bailly's tenure to... today. A Fraiche employee writes in to say, "If Fraiche in Culver City and Santa Monica aren't moments away from closing I would be very surprised..." Meanwhile, management says, "Things were tight during thanksgiving and we did have some days where funds were low, but things have picked up and business is actually pretty good now." As it now stands there are "zero plans to close" and bar expansion is in the works. Supposedly, the goal is to double the size of Santa Monica's bar and relaunch the weekend after Christmas.
·Why Doesn't Anyone Want to Buy Fraiche in Santa Monica? [~ELA~]


312 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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