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The Brig Undergoing A Facelift, Food To Come

If you've stopped by The Brig recently, or maybe grabbed a drink this past First Friday, you would have likely noticed some construction work going on inside. No, it's not a new Venice art installation as some have considered, rather The Brig is in transition mode. Just when you thought Dave Reiss, Roy Choi et al. were perhaps taking a break after JUST having re-conceptualized Beechwood into Sunny Spot, oh no no. They're already working on a new project. Actually, The Brig's facelift began before the Beechwood retool, but Reiss stopped the project to focus on Beechwood/Sunny Spot, and now that it has launched, he's back to work on The Brig. Sean Knibb who headed the design at another Reiss/Choi project, A-Frame, is working on improving The Brig's aesthetic to create more of a laid-back local Venice vibe. And while those food trucks will continue to pack The Brig's adjacent lot, a plan is in place to bring in edibles from an outside vendor. [EaterWire]

The Brig

1515 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, , CA 90291 (310) 399-7537 Visit Website

The Brig

515 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

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