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Delays for Atwater Tap House, Sebastien Archambault in DC, Dom Perignon 1990 Vintage Sorbet For $50/Pint

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ATWATER VILLAGE— Andy Hasroun, owner of 55 Degree Wine on Glendale Blvd., planned to open Atwater Tap House, a beer and sausage facility just next door in the former H&R Block space. Unfortunately, the gastropub is still in plywood mode because Hasroun was waiting for a new city parking credit program that would provide him with the necessary parking required by zoning regulations. Unfortunately, the program "has been tied up in the City Attorney’s Office despite the fact that it was approved by the City Council in February." Hasroun is unsure when/if he will open. [The Eastsider]

DC—Eater DC reports that L'Epicerie chef Sebastien Archambault has skipped states and lands in Washington DC to run the show at the Blue Duck Tavern. [Eater DC]

AROUND TOWN— And speaking of LA Creamery (which just operates as a wholesale biz now), for the second year in a row the artisanal ice cream producer is rolling out sorbet made from Dom Perignon 1990 Vintage ($300 a bottle, btw). The cost is $50 a pint (!) or $400 a gallon. [EaterWire]

Atwater Tap House

3111 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039

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