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2011-12-14-18.22.01.jpgBecause $14 cocktails don't always cut it in Hollywoodland, as of tonight the Spare Room unveils Coctel Unico, a $75 beverage made from the pricey and still unreleased Milagro Unico (apparently only 1,000 bottles were produce and each costs $300). Director of Beverages Naomi Schimek describes the spirit as "earthy agave with grapefruit and black pepper, opening up top vanilla and caramel notes. Very delicate on the palate.” In her cocktail creation she highlights the Milagro Unico by adding dry vermouth, Pernod, and Aperol essences. [CoC]

Spare Room at The Roosevelt

7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 323 769 7296 Visit Website