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An Inside Look at 800° and Its Very Affordable Pizza Pies

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Don't mind the exterior signage, 800° is finally on track to open next month. An incredibly smart concept that would work well in any part of LA, former Michael Mina corporate chef Anthony Carron plus Umami Restaurant Group debut an affordable, customizable pizza concept set to rival the pricey pies of Mozza. Frankly, at $8 for a pizza made from DiStefano mozzarella, topped with Fra' Mani salumi, and long-stem artichokes imported from Italy, it really doesn't get better than that. How so cheap? Carron explains that instead of putting money into front of the house service (guests order pizzas and seat themselves), he invested entirely in ingredients.

Domestic La Quercia prosciutto? Yes, of course, though that is considered a premium topping and will cost just slightly more. Pizza toppings, in addition to the aforementioned, include sweet and sour California peppers, olives, cherry tomatoes, a variety of cheeses, different salumi, capers, sardines, wild mushrooms, grilled broccolini, pignoli, baby arugula, or even an egg can crown your pie. When possible ingredients are sourced locally, and 800°'s chewy yet crisp pizza crust is made from a wild starter and organic flour. As previously mentioned, pizzas do fire in 60 seconds and those two olive-wood burning ovens bake at around 800°.

A fun addition to the restaurant is Freestyle, aka the Ferrari of soda vending machines which, funny enough, was designed by Ferrari. There's only three in LA and it's one of those new super mod touchscreen getups that makes 106 different Coke beverages at just the push of a button. Pretty rad.

As for aesthetics, the design is quickly coming together and was partly inspired by churches in Naples, Italy. Authentic pews add seating to a communal table, and a list of "hymns" is positioned by the front door. The space itself is quite grand, especially for a former Daphne's, with soaring ceilings, and huge floor to ceiling windows that flood the restaurant with light. Behind the counter, for decoration, are replicas of vintage pizza boxes and temporary menu boards. For the most part, 800° is ready to serve. The tables pictured up above will be replaced with new ones from France, other than that ovens are ready, ingredients are prepped, and three years after conceiving this idea, Carron is excited to open doors.
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