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This Past Weekend, Golden Road Brewing Teased Food

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Tony Yanow's (Tony's Darts Away, Mohawk Bend) Golden Road Brewing has beer on the brain — the five beers on tap are brewed out back, vintage Schlitz signs adorn the walls, and ’80s drinking music plays on the jukebox. Come mid-January the train track-adjacent Atwater Village brewpub will offer food to pair with your pint, and this weekend it served up a sneak peek of the new suds-inspired menu to come.

Abbreviated offerings included appetizer and sandwich-centric eats like meatballs made with ground pork, bacon, and pancetta for $7; and a Sloppy Joseph with south braised beef short-ribs and housemade BBQ sauce for $10. “I’m a home-brewer with a fine-dining background,” says chef Adam Levoe (Quadrupel Brasserie, Madeleine's). “I wanted to take fine dining and make it more accessible so that it fits in a brewery.”

Like Yanow's other ventures, Tony's Darts Away and Mohawk Bend, vegan and vegetarian offerings punctuate the menu, including hold-the-meat meatballs and tomato polenta with fennel puree and white bean ragout. The work-in-progress menu will double by the time it debuts, adding pastas, seasonal offerings, and fare inspired by what brewer Jon Carpenter (Dogfish Head) has on tap.

While Yanow plans for a larger portfolio of beers from California and Colorado, the current flagship brews include a hoppy Point The Way IPA and Golden Road Hefeweizen, brewed in true Braving fashion with a blend of American wheat. Meanwhile, the lineup of seasonal beers include Schwartz Stout with coffee and chocolate notes, a spicy Festivus Cinnamon Bitter, and Rye on the Palate. “It’s my favorite because I had nothing to do with it,” says Carpenter, adding that he let his staff take over the brewing process for the slightly bitter Rye.

Sometime this winter the 3,500-square-foot warehouse-turned-restaurant will offer brewery tours and additional menu items. Yanow plans to convert part of GRB's porch space into an industrial BBQ for made-to-order burgers on the weekends where patrons can raise a glass as the trains chug by.
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— Jamie Wetherbe