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Surf Lodge and Ruschmeyer's Operators Take to the West Coast with a New King & Grove Property Opening Dtown

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Photos: Surf Lodge; Ruschmeyer's

This morning Brigham Yen breaks big news that Hotel Clark, located near 4th and Hill downtown, will relaunch as a new boutique hotel brand under the guidance of by Ben Pundole and Ed Scheetz of King & Grove. While this company name may not sound entirely familiar to west coasters, anyone that hit up the Hamptons this summer might have frequented hippity hotspots Surf Lodge or the newer Ruschmeyer's, both of which are King & Grove properties and both of which incorporate sceney restaurants. Former Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot has run Surf Lodge's kitchen for years, meanwhile Phil Winser and chef Ben Towill of NYC's The Fat Radish (which very much reminds us of Eveleigh) came onboard to operate edibles at Ruschmeyer's. King & Grove also recently announced plans to overhaul the Tides hotel in South Beach, and it looks like downtown LA is next. In any event, we dropped Pundole a note to see what's up, stay tuned.
·Hotel Clark to be Reborn as King & Grove Hotel in Downtown LA [BY]

Hotel Clark

426 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA