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Paul Hibler To Open Superba Bakery and BAD Vegan?

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Over one year ago, Eater heard that the duo behind Pitfire Pizza, Paul Hibler and David Sanfield, were looking to launch a bakey in Venice. Many moons later, Eater is still hearing the same thing, but with a few more details fleshed out. Firstly, Hibler is supposedly behind this project with another partner, though he has yet to confirm or deny. Word on the street is that the aforementioned bakery will open on Lincoln at Superba and be named simply, Superba. Up above, a few shots from the intersection of Venice and Superba, some storefronts definitely influx.

In other news, apparently Hibler is looking to open vegan cafes under the name BAD Vegan, headed first to Abbot Kinney then elsewhere around LA.
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