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More Details on BierBeisl, Slated to Open Mid-January

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Former Patina Restaurant Group chef Bernhard Mairinger is planning a quick turnaround for 9669 Santa Monica Boulevard, the restaurant that, up until recently, functioned as an outpost of Sal Marino's La Bottega Marino. Outside, signage has been stripped, though inside, the restaurant still looks and feels like La Bottega Marino with original furniture and such in place. But, come mid-January, Mairinger's transformation from La Bottega Marnio Italian to BierBeisl Austrian will be complete.

The restaurant's general layout - open bar by the door, kitchen to the left, seating up front- won't change, however Mairinger will add different lighting fixtures, fresh paint, new furniture, remove the TV, and warm up the overall aesthetic. He's also working on a patio seating permit to add a few extra seats to the relatively small space.

Austrian cuisine doesn't have much representation in Los Angeles and Mairinger aspires to change that. First and foremost, he wants diners to know that, although a few sausages will appear on his menu, BierBeisl is NOT a beer and sausage hall. "There's a whole different culinary side to Austria" he explains, and those dishes will be his bread and butter. Think modernized takes on Austrian staples like schnitzel, spaetzle, goulash, with strudel and Sachertorte for dessert. Diners will be presented with the choice to order off an a la carte menu (most expensive entree in low $30s), or a prix fixe.

Luckily, the restaurant came with a full 47 liquor license and, in addition to the mostly Austrian beer selection, Mairinger is going for a small specialty cocktail list with drinks that utilize house-made syrups and fresh fruit. While exact hours of operation are still tbd, on Saturday nights BierBeisl will serve until 2AM.
·Patina Alum Bernhard Mairinger To Open BierBeisl Austrian Restaurant in BH La Bottega Marino Space [~ELA~]

BierBeisl Imbiss

541 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 310 271 7274


9669 Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90210