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Farm Dinner at Salute, No Tomatoes! Truck Found, MORE

SANTA MONICA— Newbie Salute wine bar chef Ari Taymor will prepare a dinner in conjunction with Weiser Farms and Maggie's Farm on January 7. The six course fixed pricer (menu) costs $65 and farmers from each property will attend and discuss their respective food philosophies. [EaterWire]

MEALS ON WHEELS— Good news for owners of the No Tomatoes! truck. Oddly enough the bright orange vehicle went missing on December 23, but was found yesterday morning. [LAW]

NYC— Is Umami headed to NYC? Most likely. While Adam Fleischman/sbe hope to bring the burger brand to the Big Apple, a deal has not yet been solidified. [EaterWire]

Umami Burger

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