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Bagatelle LA: It's My Party And I'll Pop Bottles If I Want To

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Elizabeth Daniels 12/11

The clubification of La Cienega continues with the introduction of Bagatelle LA, the east coast export known for raucous Champagne brunch parties. Organized by New York nightlife mavens Remi Laba and Aymeric Clemente plus Jonathan Segal from the One Group, this here is likely what the space will look like once completely dressed, or maybe this, or this. Or this. Ok, you get the point. It's a clestaurant (club+restaurant) in its finest, headed up by chef Scott Quinn who - shockingly - comes from Bouchon. In Vegas. Cause, hey, this is a French restaurant, didn't you know? Note to self: bring fat wallet, Euro friends, and DD. Target opening: January.
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Bagatelle LA

755 N La Cienega, West Hollywood, California 90069 (310) 659-3900