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Umami Hermosa Beach: Bright, Blonde, and Now Serving

Elizabeth Daniels 12/11

There's no longer point in counting how many Umami Burger restaurants have opened, because the plan is to spread 60 or so around the country over the next few years. This, of course, has been made possibly thanks to the deep pockets worn by sbe honcho Sam Nazarian.

As of 11AM today, Umami Hermosa Beach officially lands in the old Sushi Sei space on Hermonsa Ave nearby to the Hermosa pier. In sync with all other Umami locations, the theme here is no theme, or at least no decorative theme that connects to prior restaurants. Instead, the Umami motto has proven that restaurants, each individual in design but not always unique in menu, take on the aesthetic personality of their environs, so it's no surprise to see a bright, beachy, blonde-wood space -- clearly an ode to the surrounding coastal nabe. Peek the menu here.
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Umami Burger

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