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WeHo Bistro Updates, The Secret Table, MORE!

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WEHO— Although Salades de Provence is in transition mode over to WeHo Bistro, partners Jeff Douek and Jerry Teigen plan to make changes gradually, and the former menu will remain largely intact for the time being. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— The Secret Fork is a new underground members only marketplace in which local artisan foodcrafters gather to sell their merch. Right now the event's location is still tba, but will take place on December 17 from 11AM-4PM. Those interested in attending can RSVP here. [EaterWire]

VENICE— With regard to Venice's first brewery, Venice Beach Brewing Company, to start owners Kerr Smith and Tim Benedick will sell their beer at local bars and restaurants, the actual brewery is something in the works for a later date. [EaterWire]

1040 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA