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The Sausagpocalypse Brings Grindhaus to a Grinding Hault

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Yikes, that was quick. The sausage fest is over at Hollywood's Grindhaus, the (shuttered) truck and nearly year old post/beam shop on Hollywood Blvd. Via newsletter owners Thomas Lambiase and Trevor Rocco release the following PSA:

"While we were neglecting our interweb marketing duties we were working on something of equal importance: trying to prevent The Sausagpocalypse. As cool as that sounds, really, its not. For us it means the end of the line for Grindhaus Sausage?for now. “The little sausage shop that could” won’t be able to anymore. That doesn’t mean you’ll never see us again. We’re taking our cue from Mr. Herman Cain and suspending our sausage campaign...Over the next couple days we’ll be shutting down operations at the shop. We hung on as long we could. But this Friday and possibly Saturday we plan on selling out for the last time. We hope to see you there."
If you want wieners, that leaves Wurstkucke Downtown and Venice, Currywurst, The Standard's Biergarten, Berlin Currwurst, Wirsthaus...
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5634 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA