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Lenny's Deli Coming to the Palisades, La Monarca Launches Savories, the Mac 'n' Roll Truck

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PACIFIC PALISADES Now that the Village Pantry and the Oak Room have shuttered, the question begs, who's up next? The Oak Room's next life manifests itself as Lenny’s Deli, a Jewish-style eatery conceived by Lenny Rosenberg, owner of Santa Monica’s Seventeenth Street Café and Bakery. [PPP]

SANTA MONICA La Monarca has found its groove and with that comes the launch of savory lunch and dinner meals like Mexican Mollete, Quiche Ranchero, Quiche Chorizo. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA A mac and cheese truck just wasn't enough. No no. Here now, rolling around the city, the Mac 'n' Roll truck. Imagine a deep fried spring roll stuffed with mac and cheese in six flavors. Mmmm. [The Feast]