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Alicia Silverstone at M Cafe, Robert Downey at Zengo, More!

This week's celebrity sightings from LA's dining landscape. Have a juicy tidbit we missed? Do share. The StarWatch Hotline awaits.

1) M Cafe (Melrose): "Today (Wednesday, February 09) a visibly pregnant Alicia Silverstone was spotted at M Café Melrose at 12pm. She was dressed casually in all black (tank and tights) with her baby bump visibly showing." [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Zengo: "Just wanted to give you a heads up that Robert Downey Jr was dining at Zengo in Santa Monica Place last night... he was ordering off of the vegetarian menu." [StarWatch Inbox]

3) Savory: "Maria Shriver, sans Terminator, had dinner with a large group at Savory in Malibu on Saturday night." [StarWatch Inbox]

4) Il Piccolino: "At Il Piccolino on Robertson all on the same night: Ryan Seacrest with Julianne Hough being very cozy in the first room. In the second/main room: John Malkovich with a larger group and Ali MacGraw." [StarWatch Inbox]

5) BAO: "i saw seth rogen at bao!" [StarWatch Inbox]

6) Mexicali: "Zac Efron and his friends were seen yet again at Mexicali Cocina Cantina in Studio City Tuesday night." [StarWatch Inbox]

M Cafe

7119 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036