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The Queen Has Spoken: Cleo at the Redbury Hotel

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Spelling errors and all, Angelenos (and a critic) have fleshed out some initial thoughts on SBE's newest baby, Cleo in the Redbury Hotel. It's hard to believe that it's been open for just a few short months. With Christmas parties, New Year's celebrations, dineLA, and now Valentine's Day under it's belt, let's take a closer look at the Middle Eastern sensation and it's ever-so-popular Brussels sprouts. There are some notes on the eccentric decor, a few words on service, and even a claim that Cleo might turn a girl gay. With a solid four stars on Yelp, it can't all be bad, right?

The Opening Night News: "Just got back from opening night. Can't believe how good the food was the beef cheeks, octopus and ravioli with the perfect, egg were off the charts. The kitchen seemed to run really smooth and food was coming out quickly. Cocktails were really good too." [Eater Comments]

Elizabeth Daniels 8/10

The Early Virb News: "The menu is fresh and appealing, the flavors big and rustic. I love the artichoke leaves, charred at the edges from cooking in the wood-burning oven. Cauliflower florets come perfumed with vaudovan (a French curry powder) and dotted with cashew nuts... kebabs emerge from the kitchen fragrant and sizzling." [LAT]

Aaand Then The Two Star News: "..all in all...Cleo adds something new and exciting to the Hollywood scene. More than just another pretty face, Cleo has both style and substance, with a cuisine that's grounded in an authentic tradition." [LAT]

The Good Service News: "Our server was very attentive and pleasant as well." Chowhound]

The Turning Gay News: "I'm in LOOOOVE! if any girl could turn me gay, Cleo would be her!" [Yelp]

The Salty News: "Food was REALLY salty. brussel sprouts option in the veggie category was by far the worst/most salty - don't order this no matter what the server says." [OpenTable]

The Average Hollywood Ding-Dong News: "If you are the average Hollywood ding dong, with a fat wallet and empty head this is a great place to eat. The staff cannot answer even the most basic questions about from where their foods are sourced. If you are an unconscious and superficial person this restaurant is for you. The managers are also totally incompetent. ["" target="_blank">Yelp]

The Low Key Orgy News: "Elaborate decor says low-key orgy...better not have too many $14 cocktails." [BlackBook]

The Interior Design News: "the mishmash of objects and forms that comprise the décor. There is no unity between the industrial high ceilings, the Monet-like painting at the bar, the open kitchen, the lamp fixtures, the chairs, the shades in front of the windows and the unattractive green color on the walls." Gayot]
— Daniela Galarza

The Brussels Sprouts News: " The brussels sprouts--shredded, salty, chewy, crispy pieces sauteed in oil and tossed with almonds, capers and red wine vinaigrette--will change your life." [CitySearch]

Playing Favorites News: "Cleo is my new favorite restaurant in LA" [Twitter]

The Flourless Cake with Bannana (sic) News: "Busy, busy, busy. All four times I have been very good. It's a small plates menu. Great for sharing, good for a group or a date, Brussels sprouts are a signature item. I've had the shimp, lamb, squid, tuna, mushrooms, corn, potatoes, chicken, scallops...all very good. Flourles chocolate cake with bannana is a winner. " [UrbanSpoon]


1717 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028


1717 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA