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Is Andrew Kirschner Poised To Takeover Breadbar in SM?

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Through the grapevine Zagat hears that Andrew Kirschner, Wilshire Restaurant's shining star who made a brief appearance on The Next Iron Chef, has snapped up some real estate in Santa Monica at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and 6th. Apparently the venue's name is Tar & Roses, "a phrase often used to describe intense reds like Barolo and Nebbiolo." A quick looksee around the 'hood focuses attention on the shuttered Breadbar space (up above), and while a few other businesses are influx around here, most appear as though other retail spaces are moving in. Just a bit farther east on Santa Monica and 7th there's the shuttered Sham space as well. Additional tips welcome in the comments.

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Update: Kirschner has confirmed that he will, in fact, open Tar & Roses in the above pictured Breadbar space.