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Jamie Oliver Behind The Stove Tonight at Patra's Burgers

In an additional dose of Jamie Oliver news, tonight at 5PM, Patra's Burgers re-opens near Eagle Rock Blvd and N. San Fernando Rd. Now home of Oliver's "Revolution Burger" made with 100% angus beef, the British Chef-sation will be behind the grill on opening night. Also newly added to the Patra's menu, a "Bella Burrito" and "Sonrisa Salad." This appearance and menu revamp is part of Oliver's Food Revolution and aims to provide healthy alternatives to the typical fast food seen on every corner in LA and most developed countries. It is not clear how Oliver's burger is "healthier" than the average burger, but who cares? Jamie Oliver will make it for you! Go! [EaterWire] — Daniela Galarza

Patra's Burgers

2319 N San Fernando Rd Los Angeles, CA 90065