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Berlin Currywurst Starts Serving German Street Food Tuesday

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As of two days ago the former pupusa shop next to Pazzo Gelato at Sunset Junction has shuttered. In its wake, paper-covered windows and a promising sign announcing the introduction of Berlin Currywurst, the east side's answer to Wurstkuche minus the craft beer selection.

Currywurst, a popular fast food in Berlin, consists of a hot pork sausage sliced and served with curry sauce and curry powder. Sometimes the dish is accompanied by fries, sometimes bread. At Berlin Currywurst guests can expect a pretty concise menu of "natural" sausages, choose from chicken to pork to beef to tofu served with German farmers bread and an organic sauce of choice (pick a level of heat plus flavor profile like garlic or chipotle). The lone side? Organic fritten or fries topped with chopped onions and/or jambalaya. While Wurstkuche's sausages are priced between $5.75 and $7.50, depending on how exotic you go, Currywurst will charge a competitive $5.89 plus $.89 for a specialty sauce. Not too bad. Starting Tuesday hit Currywurst for lunch or dinner, Pazzo for dessert. [EaterWire]

Berlin Currywurst

3827 W Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles CA, 90026