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Brent Bolthouse Joins Il Sole Team, Resto Reopens Wednesday

Original partners Arnold Stiefel and Andy Hewitt have partnered up with LA nightlife mogul Brent Bolthouse (Trousdale) for the revitalization of Il Sole, Sunset Blvd's Southern Italian haunt and perennial celeb-magnet. After a two and a half month shutter, which included both interior and exterior modifications mostly conceived by Bolthouse, Il Sole reopens its doors on Wednesday bringing back chef Issac Rivera. Of course Il Sole retains its Italian roots, though Rivera's new menu offers dishes at a lower price point than before, in effort to appeal to a broader audience. ·Il Sole Shutters For Revamp, Reopening Early 2011 [~ELA~]

il sole

8741 Sunset Boulevard, Holywood, Ca 90069 310 657 1182