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Santa Monica's Hungry Cat Opening Pushed to April

Back in the fall, David Lentz, chef and owner of The Hungry Cat market-fresh seafood eateries in Hollywood and Santa Barbara, announced places to open restaurant three in that big gray building formerly known as the Brass Cap just off the PCH in Santa Monica. Anyway, Lentz originally thought he could get things over there running by February, however that debut has since been pushed to early April. The Hungry Cat SM will begin by serving just dinner nightly, followed by the addition of weekend brunch, and if all goes well, lunch down the line. The interior will be designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks who is the creative behind one of Lentz's wife's restaurants, Tavern.
·David Lentz To Open The Hungry Cat in Santa Monica [~ELA~]

The Hungry Cat

100 W Channel Rd.,Santa Monica, CA, 90402