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Hot Chef Round 1: Casanova, Whigham, Page, Logan, Rollo

The first round of eliminations in Eater's Third Annual Hottest Chefs Competition continues. Phew! What a close call between Suzanne Goin of AOC, Lucques, and Tavern fame versus underdog Chris Crary over at The Viceroy. Only .3% separated these two contenders which means that every vote counts kids. High five to Goin for conquering round one.

On to the next. Today in the ring comes Vic Casanova, executive chef of Culina, duking it out against Bazaar chef de cuisine Josh Whigham, Christian Page of the still unopened Daily Dose, Nick & Stef’s executive chef Megan Logan, and finally Jonathan Rollo, chef and founder of those Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop outlets.

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