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Harvard & Stone Raises The Bar, Opening Tonight

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Just a touch delayed, tonight the Houston brothers (La Descarga) open Harvard & Stone, their retooled version of Stone Bar now boasting a warm yet industrial aesthetic clad with exposed brick walls, bare lightbulbs, and wooden embellishments. Over the weekend mixologists Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix tested out a slew of alcoholic beverages, on Saturday night the venue's back bar served tiki-inspired libations (note: this month's featured liquor is whiskey), and Sunday night catered to more seasonal creations, some of which called for fresh dates and tomatoes (but not in the same drink!). BlackBook popped by last night for music video director Dean Karr's private party, and declared Harvard & Stone the future of LA bars, describing the overall experience as "perfect." So, the bar is set pretty high (literally). But, since Harvard & Stone goes public tonight, no shmancy red velvet rope, just some well crafted cocktails (about $10 each) in a hip new space. Come by to see for yourself. First impressions welcome in the comments.
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