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Xtreme Desserts Sweetens Studio City

Three years ago Glenn Panitz, self-proclaimed Sweet Tooth Creator, started baking sweets for a bunch of "poker buddies." As of February 11, after a seven month buildout, he has turned his side hobby into a bona fide business called Xtreme Desserts, now serving more than just close friends. Located on Ventura in Studio City, across from CBS and a few doors down from Trader Joe's, the bakery crafts traditional cakes and round brownies in flavors like apple pie blondie, pistachio chocolate chip, and Boston cream pie. However, when trekking out to Xtreme Desserts, don't miss Glenn's specialty, his cookie sandwiches. Imagine two cookies, let's say red velvet, sandwiching in a healthy dose of cream cheese frosting, or two German chocolate cookies held together by coconut-pecan cream. Customers can order desserts online, though cookies and brownies must be ordered a dozen at a time, or just pop by the bakery for a single serving. [EaterWire]

Xtreme Dessert

11990 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604