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Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham at 9021Pho, Moby at M Cafe, Charles Barkley at WP24, MORE!

1) 9021Pho: "Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham yesterday eating at 9021Pho in Beverly Hills." [Starwatch Inbox]

2) Fraiche: "Last saturday, Cuba Gooding JR came with his wife." [Starwatch Inbox]

3) Delphine: "Former lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry, was seen having dinner at Delphine on Tuesday with a guest." [Starwatch Inbox]

4) M Cafe Melrose: "Moby was spotted eating a Macro Burger and was dining with a male friend." [Starwatch Inbox]

5) LA Market: "Julia Louis-Dreyfus was spotted dining at LA Market in the JW Marriot on Monday with her family and a few friends." [Starwatch Inbox]

6) WP24: "Charles Barkley was spotted at WP24 on Wednesday night eating and drinking with friends." [Starwatch Inbox]


490 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA