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KindKreme (And Eventually Sage Vegan Organic Bistro) Replaces Mooi in EP

Status: Open today
Aw, Mooi just didn't work out. Owner Stephen Hauptfuhr thought a reasonably priced raw/vegan restaurant with Alice in Wonderland decor could survive on a dilapidated stretch of Sunset Blvd in Echo Park, but unfortunately that was not the case. For him. To answer our own question, Mooi shuttered last month, however in its place comes another meatless abode, Sage Vegan Organic Bistro and KindKreme desserts. Basically, vegans can expect two businesses within one space, the owners of Millie's in Silver Lake joined together with those behind vegan ice cream shop KindKreme for a new sort of raw/vegan adventure. Patrons can expect both raw and cooked vegan dishes, in addition to raw/vegan desserts, and coffee drinks brewed with Groundwork beans. As of today, KindKreme begins serving Echo Park locals, with the launch of Sage Vegan Organic Bistro coming in the near future.
Additional Photos: Echo Park Now, 2/24

KindKreme/ Sage Vegan Organic Bistro

1700 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, Ca, 90026