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SIV on Lukshon

2011_1_lukshon-thumb.pngOf course SIV was curious, like us all, to check out Sang Yoon's (Father's Office) newly opened non-burger concept, Lukshon, in Culver City. Despite the fact that the restaurant has been open less than a month, she chooses to file an early word. So far so good: "...just up the street at Lukshon, Yang's nod to Southeast Asian and Chinese cuisines, it's quieter and decidedly more upscale, a grown-up restaurant for adventurers...Inside, the room is chic and comfortable with cozy booths and tables on one side...It was hard work deciding what to order only because we all wanted everything...Rice with house-made XO sauce disappeared in about two seconds, it was such a favorite at our table...At Lukshon, Sang Yoon steps out of the burger box and offers up a shining new restaurant steeped in the flavors of Southeast Asia. Be there." [LAT]


3239 Helms Avenue, , CA 90232 (310) 202-6808 Visit Website