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Is Sam Nazarian Poised To Take Over Syndicate Hospitality?

There aren't all that many players within the sphere of Los Angeles nightlife, and not too long ago the LA Times compared venues from two of Hollywood's main players, Colony (sbe/Sam Nazarian) versus MyStudio (Syndicate Hospitality/David Judaken). Each impresario trying to one up the other. Let's party at my studio. No, wait, let's party at my Hamptons house.

Taking an objective look at each kingdom, Judaken most recently shuttered East, opened MyStudio, and transformed Opera/Crimson into Eden. Now, taking a look at Nazarian's choices, he opened The Redbury Hotel (plus Cleo), is working on a revamp at Hyde, will launch a new club plus west coast outpost of NYC's Papaya King in Hollywood, meanwhile Industry is being rebranded, overall sbe has a much thicker portfolio with current and past projects still thriving.

So, it comes as more of a curiosity rather than a shock to hear, from two separate sources, that within the next three weeks Judaken's Syndicate Hospitality will fold into sbe, one nightlife group consumed by the next. What will that mean for Eden, MyHouse, and MyStudio? Only time will tell.
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