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Hottest Chef Round 1: Garcia, Viviani, Shoemaker, Green, Voltaggio

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HottestChef_circle_sm.pngAnother close call. Regarding yesterday's battle of the beauties, the pie was pretty evenly divided, but in the end Megan Logan of Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse came out on top with just over a quarter of the votes. Nicely done. So far we have only females vying for round two: Suzanne Goin and Megan Logan. Come on guys!

Today we move on to a new group of hotties, all hail Ray Garcia, executive chef at Fig in the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, Mr. "This is Top Chef not Top Scallop" aka Fabio Viviani of Firenze Osteria, Paul Shoemaker who somewhat recently opened Savory in Malibu, Jen Green, chef of the NomNom Truck, and finally a man who needs no introduction (but we will give you one anyway), Michael Voltaggio, winner of Top Chef season six and commander behind his forthcoming Ink. Let the games begin.

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