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Team La Descarga Overhauls Yet Another Urban Space Into A Cocktail-Centric Hipster Abode at Harvard & Stone

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It all started when Mark and Jonnie Houston hired master mixologists Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix to help run both the venue and the beverage program over at year old La Descarga. The group successfully retooled a vacant space on a grimy stretch of Western Ave into a destination rum bar known equally for its "secret" armoire entrance, burlesque performances, and of course, its quality cocktails. With La Descarga under their belt, the aforementioned collective moves on to transform the former Stone Bar into Harvard & Stone. As previously reported, the dive has been remodeled by the Houstons with an industrial aesthetic based on World War II factories. Think metal embellishments, metal lighting fixtures, rivets, that sort of thing.

As expected, Livigni and Moix head up the cocktail and spirits menu along with Matt Wallace (Seven Grand) who will serve as the head bartender. Here, the focus is on all American craft spirits, beers, and wine. About 15 "American" cocktails will be served at Harvard & Stone's main bar. Then, toward the back of the venue, sits a smaller bar that will feature one spirit per month and act as a "test bar" for the staff and guest bartenders to offer a different, unique menu every night with the featured spirit of that month. Livigni explains that the "'test' bar is located in Stone Bar's old kitchen so we're taking a slightly culinary approach to those drinks. It's looking like we will be featuring whiskey the last two weeks of February and Gin in March." Harvard & Stone will be open nightly, starting February 15 at 8PM.
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Harvard & Stone

5221 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027