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Urbano, Kebab House, Yet Another Chipotle & More!

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1) Downtown: Wolfgang Puck Bistro LA is gone. Pizzeria Urbano has broken ground on its new space and pasted street-art-style posters all over its plywood. Just a few blocks east comes PhoCiti. [EaterWire] 2) K-Town: Beer Belly LA is coming right along, posting construction photos all along the way, and teasing us on Twitter. [EaterWire]

3) Downtown: Brigham Yen shares photos from that Chipotle that's opening soon on the corner of 7th and Grand. Though, if you've seen one Chipotle, you've seen 'em all. [EaterWire]

4) Culver City: Mediterranean is the word of the day.Gaby's got a face lift. Nearby, Kebab Grill is getting ready to open. [EaterWire]

5) Mid-City West: Picoso's Tacos has a new owner, new concept and new signage near La Cienega and the 10. They're also now open into the wee hours of the morning. [EaterWire]

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