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Jamie Oliver Having a Hard Time in LA

The Chicago Sun Times takes a look at Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in Los Angeles. There's been a lot of back and forth between Oliver and LA County's school district, that's for sure. But now that he's here, how's it going?

The aim of Jamie Oliver's presence here is clear and noteworthy enough: to provide healthy lunches for LA school kids. But when the school system found him and his TV cameras disruptive, they shut operation Food Revolution down.

“We’re interested in Jamie Oliver the food activist, not Jamie the reality TV star,” said Robert Alaniz, district spokesman. “We’ve invited him to work with our menu committee, but there’s too much drama, too much conflict with a reality show.”

The school district also had a problem with Oliver's recipes (too interesting for them?) and the fact that the ingredients he wanted to use raised food costs. New equipment and extra staff also had the school district up in arms. They admit that food quality has increased, but didn't like that it came at such a cost. Claiming that Oliver used "gimmicks" they wrote him off as more television personality than food activist.

“I’ve had a tough time here,” [Oliver] conceded wearily. “Nothing that was planned has come off.”

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is set to air on ABC April 12.