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It's All About The Water at The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., Now Baking in Beverly Hills

On Friday, ex-interview talk show host Larry King helped open a Beverly Hills branch of The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Their motto? "It's all about the water." Founder, President and Chief Bagel Officer, Steven M. Fassberg hails from Brooklyn ("born and raised"), but seems to prefer warmer climates; his water-focused bagel franchise is based in Florida.

The OBWBC is hard to miss on Beverly Drive, just north of Olympic. It's far bigger than most of the other shops and restaurants that line the quaint, commercialized street. Inside, the glassed-in water treatment area and bagel bakery are all on display like parts of a moving ship. There's both indoor and outdoor seating. Indoor booths dominate and, depending on what you order, are serviced diner-style. There's much more than just bagels here, and one wonders if this place will give Nate n' Al's a run for its Larry King love.

Eggs, salads, sandwiches, soups and all-things-bagel fill the predictable menu. Wire baskets behind the counter stock bagels in flavors both classic (salt) and novel (avocado). Don't miss the bottled water, it's "filled with plenty of 'NYC Attitude.'"

Get over the gaudy signage and bright lights and take in the scent of fresh dough. With over 200 franchises sold, and Larry King behind LA's first branch, the place smells both yeasty and promising. King is pictured and quoted on the to-go menus: "The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company brought back childhood memories - one bite and I was back in Brooklyn." Get used to the shiny blue, stainless steel accents, and water treatment room: this location is the prototype for 25 additional locations set to open throughout Southern California in the next few years. The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. is now open seven-days a week. — Daniela Galarza