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Tender Greens Santa Monica Opens Early Summer with Seafood Selections

From Culver City to West Hollywood to Hollywood to San Diego, Tender Greens plans its next two market-fresh quick serve eateries in Northern California (Walnut Creek) and Santa Monica. While the Walnut Creek cafe is expected to debut in April, the Santa Monica restaurant (pictured above) should launch late May/early June. All Tender Greens serve the same core menu, but the chef at each location offers different daily specials. For example, chef Fermin Aria in Hollywood added vegan cupcakes, while Eric Hulme in WeHo came up with a Muscle Menu. Anyway, the to-be-announced chef who will helm the Santa Monica kitchen grew up by the water, and he/she will offer house-cured/smoked fish, so anticipate a variety of seafood-based specials. ·EaterWire: Tender Greens Expands to Santa Monica [~ELA~]