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Waffles de Liege Fires its Belgian Confections Friday

Within the past year LA has seen the launch of a slew of waffle houses from Shaky Alibi to Bru's Wiffle, and as natural progression goes in this city, on Friday comes the launch of a mobile waffle slinger, Waffles de Liege. The truck, co-founded by recent college graduates George Wu and Lawrence Tai, specializes in Liege waffles, a rectangular-shaped Belgian waffle (from the city of Liege) that is richer, more dense, and chewier than a standard waffle. But, what most sets a Liege waffle apart is its slightly caramelized exterior. If you're getting hungry than take note that the truck soft launches on Friday at Speedzone (17871 Castleton Street, City of Industry) from 5-8PM, followed by an official kickoff on April 2 at Verdugo Bar from 7PM-midnight. As for the menu, it's simple and concise, Liege waffles are priced at $4 a pop, toppings cost .50 cents each (Nutella, caramel, fresh fruit), or $2 to go a la mode with a scoop of Fosselman's ice cream. Twitter, The Facebook. [EaterWire]