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Last Night at Beacher's Madhouse: Farm Animals, Naked Girls, A Silver Man

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Yesterday evening, circa 11PM, Eater attend the opening night of Beacher's Madhouse, that curious new lounge within the Roosevelt Hotel which, early on, advertised flying midgets and a midget bar. Obviously we had to check it out. Let's start with what Beacher's Madhouse is not. It is not anything normal or typical, and quite frankly, a normal, typical person could never has masterminded such a shitshow. Get past the red velvet rope outside and enter a passageway of mirrors which leads to the main room. There's a center stage and stadium seating in front, more like stadium tables and booths. To the left of the stage sits a mini bar, as in...a mini bar. Imagine two blondes in tight outfits towering over a two foot tall bar serving mini bottles of liquor (actually those behind the bar are just for display).

Every hour or so there's a "show." Last night Kelly Osbourne -- dressed as Snow White -- helped host the evening where we saw white doves and a white cat emerge out of a silk scarf, Cancun's Silver Man (painted entirely silver) rocked out to "Sex and Drugs and House," and Beacher's Babies put on a sort of strip show thing. Jeff Beacher and David Arquette popped up on stage every once in a while to greet the crowd.

Meanwhile, as this is all going down, guests dance alongside people in farm animal costumes, pink monkeys costumes, there was even a man on stilts. Midgets scurry about in neon green wigs, and with regard to that whole flying midget thing, it's true. Each time someone orders a bottle, a midget entangled in Christmas lights, is affixed to a hook in the ceiling and is pushed along ceiling tracks (so it looks like he's flying) to deliver the bottle. Anyway, Beacher's is a crazy circus freak show, but a fun one at that.
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Beacher's Madhouse At The Roosevelt Hotel

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