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Laurent Quenioux's Bistro LQ Down For The Count

We were just about to wrap out for the day but this just in: Bistro LQ has closed up shop! OMG! Details are still sketchy at this point, but a source close to chef Laurent Quenioux confides that the restaurant shuttered last Sunday, up above, shots from just moments ago. Dead. Empty. Wow, so that means Bistro LQ lasted just over a year and a half in the previous Mimosa space on Beverly. The Goldster was more of a fan than Sher who appointed 1.5 stars for the restaurant's overcomplicated fare. Looks like diners sided more with Sher. Quenioux's original downtown restaurant, 7th Street Bistro, which he opened in 1985, didn't make it, then Pasadena's Bistro K closed as well. Now Bistro LQ suffers the same fate. So, the finally tally leaves...three strikes and you're out?
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